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The Science of Music, The Music Of Science

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Agave Library
Meeting Room

Why do so many physicists compare the universe to an orchestra? Why did Einstein use his violin playing to enhance his contemplation of the workings of the cosmos? The connection of music to science was illuminated early on when Pythagoras divided a string. Not surprisingly, from astrophysicists to quantum theorists, the common key to unlocking mysteries is math. And clearly, the study of sound, acoustics and the vibrational spectrum intricately entwine science and music through mathematical computations. Understanding music’s physiological effects on our brains and the body is the goal of a growing number of studies by neuroscientists. Learn about the correlations between these two overlapping worlds and why so many high professionals are musicians and musicians, scientists.

Program presenter: Janice Jarrett

This program is made possible by Arizona Humanities and the Friends of the Library Agave Chapter.

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